8 mistakes to avoid when creating a content marketing strategy

Today’s marketers invest a lot of money in content marketing, but are struggling to show results. According to The Content Institute’s and MarketingProfs’ release of 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report only 30 % of marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing and only 44 % have a clear vision what successful marketing looks like. This goes to show that a content marketing strategy would be very helpful to turn these numbers around.


There are some mistakes you should avoid when setting up your content marketing strategy, we have listed 8 of them below: 

1. No clear goals

Don’t set goals for the sake of goal setting, set goals that are fulfilling business goals . For example, start with the S.M.A.R.T/S.M.A.R.T.E.R model, it will help you to develop goals and it is a clear method for driving progress.

2. No documentation of defined strategy

If you document your strategy, you are more likely to succeed with your content marketing tactics and reach set out targets.

3. Focusing on quantity instead of quality

Stop thinking “we need to produce more content”. Consider instead on what the right content is to whom and how you can produce better content for them.

4. Not knowing where your content fits into your funnel

Don’t produce content for the sake of content. You need to know where each piece of content fits each stage of the buying process in order to lead the customer further down the funnel.

5. Ignore existing content

Already used content is not necessarily old/out dated. Instead of starting from scratch, think of what could be reused and repurposed, for example do a blog series from an already existing white paper.

6. Focusing too much on yourself, instead of your customers

Customers want and expect relevant compelling content that educates, supports and inspires them so put yourself into the customer’s shoes.

7. No defined content distribution process

Today it is crucial to keep continuous dialogues with your customers. To ensure efficient use of resources, proper reach and content consistency you need a defined and documented distribution process.

8. Not tracking and measuring the results of your content marketing efforts

In order to know the effectiveness of your content, you need to track and measure your efforts. Start with what goals you want to achieve and follow up with the metrics you think work best and track them.


Although the latest research shows that those who document their strategy and have regular meetings are more effective and get better results from their content marketing tactics, social media platform etc, only 32% have a documented content marketing strategy.


Are you struggling with getting a grip of your content marketing initiatives? Take a look at our “Three dimensions of B2B content marketing”, downloadable.



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