Avaus is Marketo’s strategic partner in the Nordics

Marketo is the leading marketing platform for B2B enterprises. We love Marketo because it makes it possible to scale our clients’ marketing activities across business units and countries. Furthermore, Marketo enables to close the gap between marketing and sales.

Experienced Marketo partner

We have experience on +20 Marketo implementations and we operate Marketo with our clients across industries, ranging from global manufacturing companies to IT service providers. Marketo’s key benefit to our clients is the scalability - they can start small, but the capabilities of the platform never run out.

We do not only set up the system. Instead, we take our clients on an accelerated transformation journey where data allows them to transform the way marketing is done.

We have 20+ Marketo Certified Experts and 5+ Marketo Certified Consultants.

Why choose Avaus?

Marketing automation is not just a tool, it’s a mindset. Thus, our unique cross-competence teams tie all marketing efforts together with Marketo, be it tradeshows, online advertising or content marketing.

Agile marketing is our way of working. Instead of planning campaigns forever, we execute quickly and focus on continuous improvement through testing and iteration. Marketo provides unique tools for that in B2B context.

We have 20+ Marketo Certified Experts and 5+ Marketo Certified Consultants.

Typical use cases for Marketo

1. Lead-to-revenue management. Marketo can be integrated with all leading CRM solutions and CMS platforms, making it possible to measure marketing success from the first touch to closing the sale.

2. Moving from campaigns to programs at scale. Marketo makes it possible to centrally manage marketing programs across regions and countries. Furthermore, Marketo provides tools to easily duplicate complete workflows, meaning that marketing output can be increased manyfold.

3. Account Based Marketing. Marketo is the leading solution for ABM. It’s not just semantics, as Marketo has developed the core functionalities and data model to support companies that want to go after the big fish.

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