Avaus is the right consulting partner for your DMP

Many businesses are utilising their online and offline data in separate channels without the possibility to create a comprehensive customer journey. Data management platforms (DMP) offer solutions that combine both online and offline data into rich customer profiles for use in targeting across channels and devices.

Audience management from strategy to operations

We help companies with:

1. Strategy - Define business objectives, processes, KPIs, use case definition for pilot phase, and business case for DMP investment

2. Implementation of DMP solutions and underlying analytics / data management required

3. Ongoing operation & development – Defining operational models, providing resources and organisational support to maximise results and ROI

4. Transformation - We support you in bringing your media buying in-house and becoming more efficient in your media spend

Webinar: Learn more about Audience Management & DMPs

The world of audience management and DMPs requires some education for many marketers to appreciate the value to their own organisation. In this webinar, Jari Salojuuri takes you through the basics of a DMP and how you can use it to efficiently manage your audiences in an omni-channel environment.

Quick start template: Evaluating the DMP with the help of use cases

The use case template is created as a tool where we introduce the most common use cases to start the journey to improve your customer’s experience with the help of a DMP. The template can be utilised in considering the use of a DMP or in the implementation process of a DMP solution.

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