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Marketing and CRM organizations have been on a quest towards becoming more data-driven for the past years. As the basic capabilities in marketing technology, agile processes and converting content are established, we need to raise the bar for our goals in marketing transformation. The objective of this event was for you as a marketer to verify your three-year development roadmap, and discover what you need in order to future-proof your marketing function in an age of as AI-powered, 1:1 communication.


Tangible examples and an educational approach, without sales pitches.

  • Why “omnichannel” as a goal is not enough
  • What the best practice technical backbone for marketing should look like – and why there is a business case for having it in place sooner, rather than later
  • Why most organizations do not have the analytical capabilities needed to deliver personalized customer experiences
  • Why emotionally connected customers are more profitable – and how to create that emotional connection through personalization
  • Why this is the time when the marketing and CRM roadmaps are converging
  • Why transformation and leadership is the key to success – and some examples of running an engaging transformation program


Future-proof your marketing -breakfast was organized in Stockholm 24th October 2017.

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