Avaus quoted as leading Account Based Marketing agency

Account Based Marketing is becoming the next big thing among B2B marketers with complex sales cycles and large deals. Craig Rosenberg of TOPO has summarized the development that we are seeing in his blog post “The Account Based Marketing Technology Stack Emerges”. In the informative post he describes the development of ABM as the fastest growing trend in B2B marketing, with technology development increasingly picking up the pace. Although the term ABM was coined over 20 years ago, digital marketing technologies have brought new tools to target and personalize content towards targeted accounts in own and bought channels.

Avaus has been quoted as one of the leading ABM agencies by Vendemore, which is one of the key players of ABM in bought media channels in the Nordics. Apart from Vendemore, Avaus also is a technology partner of Marketo, Sitecore and Adobe, who’s products all enable web content personalization on account basis, as well as combining programmatic media purchases to support sales throughout the funnel.

Read about one of our success cases doing ABM with Wärtsilä Power Plants in the downloadable case study. To learn more about Account Based Marketing, see this educational video by Vendemore:

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