Avaus invests in data security and privacy

Tuomo Räsänen, Martins Sitcs and Ben Ottoman

Avaus Marketing Innovations is one of the first marketing service companies to receive an ISO certification in data security. Avaus is thereby signaling its strategy to become the data security leader in the Nordics.

According to Avaus managing partner Tom Nickels, both customers and regulators demand ever stricter data security and privacy measures. “Digital channels are now at the core of customer relationships, and ultimately we build these relationships on data. Avaus wants to be at the forefront in ensuring that companies take care of the data and trust of their customers,” says Nickels.

“We’ve seen a steep growth in the interest and inquiries from our customers concerning data security and data privacy issues in digital marketing,” says Avaus COO Tuomo Räsänen. Avaus aims to increase the strategic value of the data of its customers. “Recurring news about data security breaches and upcoming EU legislation have moved data security and data privacy requirements up on the CMO’s agenda,” says Räsänen.

According to Räsänen, Avaus has made significant investments into its information security management system. This certification is still rare in the Agency world, and Avaus is the first of its kind to receive it in the Nordics.

“The crucial benefit of certification is that it helps answer questions that prospective clients may have about your security posture and compliance standards,” says Ben Ottoman, Information Security Manager at Avaus.

ISO 27001:2013 is the International standard for Information Security management systems. It is a systematic approach to the management of sensitive company information so that it remains secure. The system includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management methodology. It enables risk assessments and the implementation of necessary preventive actions related to data security in the company.


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Ben Ottoman, Information Security Manager


Tuomo Räsänen, COO



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