4 key announcements from the 2017 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

Marketo brought in approximately 6 000 Marketers to the annual Marketing Nation Summit hosted in San Francisco. During the Product Keynote, Marketo announced some exciting new features including a complete design overhaul and UX improvements for core features.

As there is a lot of information to digest, we will cover the most important and useful features and how they will impact your usage of the platform and split them up into separate posts for better categorization.

1. Project Mercury – Design project to enhance UX

Over the time of Marketo’s progression, through acquisitions and the launch of new modules, differences in design and UI make some features feel like they are a separate part of the platform. Project Mercury aims to eliminate this issue through the following:

Universal design language

The design has been revamped and normalized to give the same feel regardless of which part of Marketo you using. The updated platform will use modern responsive design through modern JavaScript with React and Redux. This will allow for improving the developer experience and facilitating the ongoing build of the platform when adding new features.

High velocity & Enhanced Usability

The platform will support day-to-day marketers who have the need for quickly setting up new processes and gives an arsenal for scaling up processes.

Value-Added features – Listening to community suggestions

The new design takes into account a lot of great and in-demand ideas brought up on the community (The Marketing Nation is now open to all visitors). One of which is Save Rules (and Save Flows), that allows you to save a reusable set of filters and triggers. This takes scaling up to the next level by allowing you to create templates of frequently used filters and triggers.

There is an extensive list of updates to Marketing Activities (among other things), which we will cover in an upcoming post.

2. Ad Bridge – Improved opportunities to connect your Marketo data to personalized ads

Ad Bridge Customer Journey

Ad Bridge has been around for quite some time now, offering a way of pushing leads over to your advertising platforms via lists. The key updates now bring a whole new toolset for marketers to personalize relevant advertising. The announced features include:

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen forms (announced in April 2017) now directly integrate to Marketo via LaunchPoint.
  • Pushing leads via Ad Bridge (to e.g. LinkedIn or Facebook) directly within Engagement programs taking your nurturing to a whole new level
  • Dynamic list sync between systems to ensure only targeted leads are shown ads
  • Ability of using Marketo data for further personalization to target prospects in different stages of the buyer journey
  • Support for targeting with personalized Google ads within Gmail, YouTube and Search.

3. Updated Analytics: Role-based Dashboards and Platform Insights – Relevant metrics for making better business decisions

Marketo previewed a long-awaited update to analytics with three key focuses: CMO Insights, Marketing Performance Insights and Web Insights.

CMO Insights:


KPIs for a CMO to follow up on in Marketo showing how marketing activities are contributing to business results.

Marketing Performance Insights:

Marketing Performance

A detailed overview of statistics relevant to marketing operations teams allowing hands-on marketers to follow-up on program- and channel-level revenue attribution.

Web Insights:


Gives an overview of your channel performance for incoming traffic on the web including conversion metrics, for example from Facebook, Search and LinkedIn.

Platform Insights – Campaign and Sync throughput


System performance monitoring dashboards that allow you to:

  • Understand trigger queue and how well they are being executed
  • View API usage as well as sync speeds to CRM



Provides benchmarks for Marketo performance relative to other users in similar industries. For example, answering a question like: How am I performing on Email metrics (Click, Open, Click-to-Open) compared to other companies in my industry?”.

Custom dashboards:


The new “My Marketo” page will include a tiled layout for customizing to display your most valued metrics.

4. Account Based Marketing – Updates for more intelligent ABM activities

ABM has quite a few new additions this year. One of the most interesting features is a browser plugin for sales reps to use when browsing prospects’ websites. It will display insights from their Marketo lead database on which prospects from a company have interacted with their marketing as well as a percentile score for determining who they should talk to at the company.

Other additions include:

  • Importing Accounts
  • Account Hierarchy
  • Multi-dimensional Scoring
  • Extensibility – Create custom fields on the account object in Marketo to match CRM and APIs


There was a lot to cover, the most drastic (and awesome) changes were connected to the overall UX for any marketer who spends some hours per day in Marketo, those will be covered in a separate post, stay tuned!

If you have any questions or thoughts on the new developments, how it may impact your instance or want to discuss Marketo, feel free to send me an email at erik.heldebro@avaus.se.


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