Avaus was established in 2007 as a strategy and business consultancy. The founding members were Harri Roschier, Kim Weckström, JP Virtanen and Tom Nickels, all of whom enjoyed a shared history at Satama Interactive, one of the leading digital agencies in Europe at the time.


Avaus focused on digital technologies, enterprise mobile solutions and analytics. A technology centre was established in Wroclaw, Poland. This enabled a rapid expansion of technology and design competences. By 2012, technology and consulting represented 73 per cent of net sales, and marketing services 27 per cent.


Avaus incorporates its marketing services into a company called Avaus Marketing Innovation.

In August 2014, Avaus Consulting, the 80-strong parent company, is sold to Siili Solutions Plc. Avaus Marketing Innovations continues under the ownership of its founding partners. A few of the company’s other key employees also step in as owners.

Adobe acquires Neolane, which is renamed Adobe Campaign. Adobe Marketing Cloud becomes the market leader. Avaus and Adobe expand and strengthen their partnership.

Avaus gets its first B2B customers from Kemira, Wärtsilä and Suomen Asiakastieto. Marketo, a specialist in B2B marketing automation, becomes the second strategic technology partner of Avaus. The technology-driven marketing revolution that began in 2011–2012 in the consumer sector begins to spread to the B2B sector.
At the end 2014 Avaus employs 62 people.

Marketing automation solutions and analytics change the position and practices of marketing in companies. Data quickly develops into a core marketing resource. The ties between marketing and information management continue to strengthen. Avaus launches its own media unit focused on programmatic marketing.


Avaus launches its business in Sweden and establishes a technology centre in Gdansk in Poland. At the end 2015 Avaus employs 90 people. Avaus signs its third strategic technology partnership with Salesforce Inc.

Avaus sees the number of its B2B customers increase, while in the consumer business, customers increasingly emphasise technology and analytics. New creative content is placed higher on the marketing agenda.
The manufacturing industry becomes a strong field for Avaus.

The company supplies comprehensive cloud-based marketing solutions. Data management platforms (DMPs) become a key element of the marketing cloud, and Avaus engages in several DMP projects with its customers. A new term, “marketing stack”, is added to the jargon to describe the group of technologies used in marketing.


In 2016, the size of the largest customers exceeds the 2009 full-year turnover of Avaus.

The Avaus growth hacking team grows neck and neck with the technology team. The company’s new creative team is soon shortlisted in international competitions in the field.

In November 2016, Avaus acquires the Swedish analytics and data consultancy Actionbase. Avaus employs 150 people at the end of 2016.

The marketing revolution is in full motion. Avaus is now the largest independent provider of data-based marketing solutions in the Nordic countries.

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