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Avaus launches AI partnership with Peltarion

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Best strategy combines theory with practice.

The Avaus strategy team helps companies transform their marketing. Through in-depth customer insight and hands-on operational expertise, we develop actionable plans and operating models. Our goal is to guide our customers towards personal customer relationships to drive their sales growth.


Content Marketing
& Creation

Modern marketing is all about combining creative excellence with the best technological solutions.
The Avaus content team helps clients build emotional personalized stories for the digital media landscape. The team combines beautiful design and big ideas with deep consumer insight. But the work isn’t solely based on creative thinking. Also data and understanding of technological possibilities drive the creative process.


Smart Advertising
& Media

Only relevant communication reaches the target audience, and only personal messages build emotional connection. A company can communicate in a personal way only, when it leverages its own data. The Avaus team of strategists, audience managers and media planners, helps companies transform their advertising and media strategy, and increase marketing ROI through first party data and technology.


Marketing Technology

Modern marketing at its best brings together emotion, data, and technological tools.
Avaus partners with Adobe, Salesforce, Marketo and Google – the leading global technology providers in marketing. With the help of our partners we combine creative competency with the best technological solutions available.
We have a long track record of implementing leading marketing platforms for various industries to enable data-driven, automated and personalized one-to-one communication.


Analytics & Data Science

Data has a price far above rubies in modern marketing, and all business decisions should be based on data analysis and insight.
The Avaus data and web analytics team helps your business become data driven and increase your business performance. The team assist you with converting data into actionable insight, intelligent marketing programs and a personalized customer experience.


Growth Hacking

Modern, personalized marketing is an ongoing process. Based on data, analysis and insight, growth hacking primes and optimizes execution for better business results. The Avaus growth hacking team relies on an agile process, data- and online analysis, behavioral observation, testing and creative content precision. The team works to affect the KPI’s and drive the marketing ROI of its clients.


Avaus' mission is to make marketing personal by connecting customers to the things that really matter to them. As the Nordic leader in Data-Driven Marketing, we help B2B and B2C marketeers drive customer value and marketing effectiveness. With offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Gdansk, Avaus employs 150 experts in digital marketing, analytics and technology.


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