Avaus Webinar series 5: Content Velocity with Adobe

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Managing your creative processes for the era of 1:1 marketing


The demands for a 1:1 customer experience in an omnichannel environment are rising, and marketing organizations are redefining the way customer experiences are being delivered in the customer interface. Once increased personalization becomes a goal for your marketing strategy, creating content at the volumes needed for 1:1 marketing quickly becomes the bottleneck. In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a digitally transformed creative process looks like
  • How to deliver content for personalization purposes automated and at scale
  • How digital champions are using smart technologies to improve efficiency in the creative process

This webinar is relevant for you if you:

  • Have a large in-house team for content production or use a lot of production agency services
  • You are using old or inefficient methods for managing your creative processes (A good indicator is if you are using email / shared drives / cloud solutions and non-automated iterations for your content processes
  • Feel that content creation is your bottleneck for increased personalization of your customer experiences and campaigns


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