According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s survey, 75% of marketers say that over the next three to five years, they will be responsible for the end-to-end experience over the customer’s lifetime. There is no question marketing as we know it has forever changed. Marketers need to connect with customers and potential customers at the right time, over the right channel, with the right message.

Ray Coppinger (Senior Marketing Manager at Marketo) and Emma Storbacka (Head of B2B at Avaus) tell you how best-in-breed marketers are mastering the art and science of digital marketing by leveraging five key tenets of engagement marketing, engaging their audience:

  1. As individuals
  2. Based on what they do
  3. Continuously over time
  4. Directed towards an outcome
  5. Everywhere they are

The key to success is engagement.


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