The new independent consumer


Easy access to vast amounts of global data has empowered consumers. They are no longer dependent on getting information from their own contacts or from salespeople; they can find information for themselves.

A CEB study revealed that among B2B customers, 57% of purchase decisions were typically made before a customer even talked to a supplier. If salespeople are no longer the main point of contact with customers, how can we deliver messages to them?

We took a look at some recent data from Consumer Barometer regarding online behaviour during a purchase process. How do modern consumers make their purchase decisions?

Consumers engage in independent research online. In Finland, 22% of consumers only look online for information before they make a purchase.


What product categories particularly trigger online research behaviour?

Movies, TVs, home appliances and insurance are among the top categories when it comes to research online.

How do consumers conduct online research?

The most common method of researching products or services online is by comparing alternatives (36%). Consumers also sought advice (16%) or looked for inspiration (15%). More than one in ten were also prepared to make an immediate purchase.

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