Learn new stuff

Lars Schulman

I started my new job at Avaus in late August after a nice long summer break. I am now about two weeks old in the role and have just about learned the basic capabilities that allow me to survive in my new community. I know where the bathroom is, how the coffee machine works, who to call when I don’t remember my PC password and the name of the lovely lady who greets me with a smile each morning at the office front desk.

Just as I, many companies need to renew themselves and learn new skills and capabilities this Fall. The technology revolution and explosion of connected devices and services has allowed consumers to interact with each other and with brands in a before unseen magnitude. Consumer interaction and the purchase process are always on and ongoing in all thinkable forms, channels and mediums.

The challenge for most companies is that while technology today enables consumers to interact with your brand in whole new ways, consumers also require that your brand is meeting them however and whenever they desire. Consumer is king, and what first appeared as a technology opportunity, has for many companies today become a technology challenge.

The need to renew and adopt new capabilities goes way beyond an investment in technology. The segment size shrinking to ’one’ and the business model transforming from ‘one to many’ to ‘one to one’, requires a company to look over all of its processes, starting from the very fundamental questions like who are we, what are we, and why are we. It requires companies to reassess their strategy and organization, adopt new skills and capabilities and invest in new tools and technology. It is hard to see what area of any business would not be affected by the market revolution.

Learning new ‘stuff’ is always easier if you have someone to walk by your side and support you through the journey. We at Avaus have a long history in helping enterprise customers transform and ramp up their capabilities against the new consumer requirements. Our expertise in data driven marketing and the interlinked data, analytics, creative content, media and technology solutions has over the years helped our customers in the Nordics to renew, to meet new market requirements and consequently to drive strong results.

I predict that my personal learning curve will be steep this Fall. Likewise, I predict that the need to renew is strong amongst many of my fellow colleagues working in our fellow companies. Give me a ring or send me an email and let’s have a discussion how we can learn from each other, how Avaus can help your company transform and how we can learn new ‘stuff’ together.