Martech now: Simplify and Scale Up!

Simplify and Scale Up!

During the last 18 months, we at Avaus have witnessed accelerated adoption of technologies by our customers. Marketers are now investing in:

a) Enterprise marketing automation and analytics 

b) Solutions for media buys and marketing data management 

Silicon Valley is the unrivalled mecca for marketing technologist. The companies driving the marketing industry transformation are mostly Valley creations and two conferences, one on marketing technologies and the other on cloud computing, have been an essential crash course on the state of global marketing affairs.

At first glance the scope of the present change is somewhat overwhelming. Scott Brinker, the editor of, was a keynote speaker at the MarTech 2016 conference, which he also organised.. Brinker has now released the updated version of his Marketing Technology Landscape. His marketing software vendor landscape has grown from 350 to over 3500 logos in just 4 years.


Scott Brincer’s Martech landscape Q1/2016

Scott Brincer’s Martech landscape Q1/2016

The chart is a dramatic visualisation of the proliferation of new marketing applications. Brinker has proved himself right in many of his previous predictions. Now he believes that the landscape is showing early signs of slowdown. Marketers in the US are already using a tool in most of these 49 categories. Few of them will continue to adopt many new ones in the near future. Still – for many marketer in the Nordics, where technology penetration levels are much lower, the navigation task in the martech archipelago might seem like a mission impossible. 


Applications per solutions area Q1/2016

Applications per solutions area Q1/2016


But during the conferences, American peers and leading global marketers gave good advice on how to tackle the turmoil of martech choices:

Lesson 1 – Focus on the new marketing organisation: The key success factor is not choice of technologies but how to organise your marketing around them.

Tech platform vendors tend to underestimate the need for new expertise in marketing operations, although leading marketers have learned this on their own.

Lesson 2 – There are less viable options than you would think: In the end there are only a handful of core martech solution areas and only a few first tier vendors.

The martech CORE has to be built and scaled up by an team experienced with the tools, and with designing high performance marketing processes and better customer experiences.

Lesson 3 – Agility rules: The required new marketing skills and working methods are often closer to software development than traditional marketing.

Encouragingly, Avaus is already working with these core marketing solution areas, top vendors and agile working methods. On our flight back, another Finn summed it up very well: “we have taken baby steps in exactly the right direction, now it’s time simplify and scale up.” Spot on!

We will continue to report on these Silicon Valley take-aways. The topics to follow are:

  1. Agile marketing
  2. Multi-platform and cloud
  3. Customer journey and data


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