Let’s Demolish the silos.

demolish the silos

”You spammers of useless marketing bulk” says the media marketeer. ”Can you show how much money you are making with your brand films?” replies the customer marketeer.


Today we see two isolated silos of marketing with little sharing. The channels are different,  the data sources and analytics vary, each channel has incompatible tools and even the organisations, partners and decision-makers are not the same. In this situation, is it even possible to redeem the promise of personalised marketing and create unified experiences for customers at touch points across the channels?


Last week, Avaus and Adobe held an event at Casino Helsinki. Our Multichannel Marketing Morning had four presentations.


First, Kim Weckström gave a short introduction about the current state of the Nordic marketing industry. Traditional media spending has decreased every year since the financial crisis of 2007. Marketing money has gone to new kinds of activities such as the development of online channels and marketing technologies. The total annual Finnish investment that remains almost invisible to current industry statistics is roughly 0,5 billion euros.


Next up were Anna Hakkarainen and Jari Salojuuri from Avaus. Anna ran through the history of media marketing and customer marketing. She pointed out how these two have grown separately and in most cases are still handled in separate silos, unconnected teams, and incompatible technologies.


Jari brought a practical perspective. He introduced two new acronyms: DMP and CCCM. Data Management Platform and Cross-Channel Campaign Management are key technologies that will enable identity-driven marketing in the future.


Jo O’Connor from Adobe then talked through the Adobe Marketing Cloud and how their new DMP solution called Audience Manager makes it possible to execute real identity-driven marketing, in which customer identity data guides each marketing campaign, customer program, client interaction, and user experience.


Finally, Kirsi Juusti, LähiTapiola’s Planning Director in Marketing gave some real-life experiences of utilising marketing automation in the insurance and wealth management business. LähiTapiola is a forerunner in this field in Finland. They have built engagement models for the whole customer lifecycle and can achieve additional sales and lower churn with these technologies.


We will shortly publish a blog series around identity-driven marketing. Stay tuned.