Ladies and gentlemen, start your (new marketing) engines!

start your marketing engines

Fall always brings us the feeling or maybe even a need to start fresh. Turn a new sheet. Get a little something new for the every day. This year, for many of us at Avaus this need has manifested as the process of buying a new car. And as you know, choosing a new vehicle isn’t simply a matter of getting transportation from A to B, but rather we are also looking for the right experience. Do we want a near revolutionary Tesla, a safe and scalable Volvo or maybe a little rough Land Rover?

With the breadth of car selection and their ever increasing features, choosing what’s best for you (and those you travel with) can be a burden. Similarly, our clients – the leading marketing decision makers in the Nordics – face the struggle of renewing their marketing come fall, as the breadth of tools and tactics (and also service providers) continues to grow at astonishing speed.

Luckily, we at Avaus are specialized in helping our customers to take their marketing engines to the next level. And it really isn’t that hard. All you need to consider is the:


  • Destination Strategy and objectives: Where are you aiming to go – towards better customer experience, increased sales, optimized costs or reduced risks?
  • Dashboard Data and analytics: What are the most important KPIs for you and how do you want to monitor them (and optimize our way towards the destination)? How do you ensure that you get alerted in real-time, if you have lost the right route?
  • Fuel injection system – Channels and touchpoints: What kind of journeys do your fellow passengers, your customers expect? And how do you ensure that they receive a consistent experience across touchpoints (both home– and outbound)?
  • Fuel – Content and concepts: What kind of creative concepts do you need to efficiently translate them into engaging customer experience across all channels?
  • Motor – Tools and technologies: What kind of solutions should you have to power the journeys? How do you analyze and report, target and personalize, coordinate and manage the different journeys you have in mind?


In the end, we want to help you as a marketer to take the front seat and a fast grip of the steering wheel to reach the benefits of customer growth. We can also help you to define the right kind of organization and operating model for your engine, because any investment into a new (or updated) car goes to waste without passengers.

We at Avaus have been revamping the marketing engines of our clients since 2007, and it has been quite the ride. We are happy to come and discuss how we could help you – or maybe you want to pay a visit to our renewed office in Helsinki (or the otherwise great locations in Stockholm and Gdansk)? You can also take a look at our B2C Engagement Tactics Gallery here.


P.S. By the way, I ended up choosing a Volkswagen myself 🙂