The way of work for marketing automation


Selecting the right software for marketing automation is often seen as a purely technological choice, and the options are compared by listing softwares’ features. If an organisation truly wants to improve and invest in customer engagement, people and their ways of working should be considered in good time.


The risk is that all the organisation may manage to develop is a new “spamming machine” with high licence fees. When you bombard customers with mass messages, short-term indicators may show good results. In reality, however, you are shooting yourself in the foot. The long-term effectiveness of your communication channels will decrease, and you may even drive customers away.


An example from real life: Company X launches an aggressive campaign to get marketing permissions. It makes a considerable investment in the campaign. At first, it seems that the company is getting loads of new marketing permissions. However, no one is monitoring how many existing marketing permissions the company is losing as it unleashes an avalanche of marketing messages on its customers. It eventually loses more existing marketing permissions than it gains, and it is not likely to be able to convert the new prospects into loyal customers. In this case, better customer communication would have had a more positive effect.


Marketing is not only about addressing and creating needs – it’s also about developing services in cooperation with customers. Companies must be genuinely interested in their customers as individuals – but in a cost-effective manner. Especially in large organisations, driving change requires will and courage from the management, in particular. However, change can be driven from the grassroots as well by setting common goals and sharing information about experiences.


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