Managed by company culture?


Avaus employees have doubled in just over a year. We have exceeded all expectations in attracting new talent. This is how we have tried to crystalise Avaus in one sentence:

“We specialise in offering marketing solutions that help customers improve their performance by combining creative content with data and technology.”

This means that we are continuously creating something new in novel ways.  Some aspects of our services are new to many of our customers. There are no manuals yet for what we do.

When a new employee asks how things should be done, they find that there is no boss to provide the instructions. The best way to jump in,  is just to start solving things with the other members of your team. The company culture at Avaus is based on multiple skills and continuous learning. Everyone works with everybody: business strategists, creative designers, analysts, technology experts and growth hackers.

Key decisions are not made by a small team of managers. The culture at Avaus is is build on a set of shared beliefs. This allows sufficient creative space for teams to make decisions independently and efficiently.

If asked, senior colleagues are happy to provide advice, but their answers are not set in stone. In many cases there is no “right way” or “wrong way” – there are many ways to accomplish things. The goal is to figure out what works best for each customer. Decisions are made where the actual work is done – in customer teams, in cooperation with customers.

Independence is tied to a strong sense of responsibility – that we are in the business of improving our customer’s marketing and business results. To work as a management vehicle, company culture requires the best people and continuous discussion about development for the sake of the customer.

The company culture at Avaus encourages responsibility, openness and independent decision-making. It arises from an atmosphere inspired by rapid growth – an atmosphere of continuous discussion about improving how things are done. Newcomers and old hands alike participate in this discussion every day.

We often question the cornerstones and focus areas of our culture. Fortunately, many of our customers frequently confirm that we are on the right track – they say that they chose us because of our people and our way of working.

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