Interactive content is the New Purple!

Purlple is the new

Passive vs Interactive Content

Marketers invest in content marketing, but are struggling to show benefits. Typically, it is hard to measure efficiency and the initial content does not create enough opportunity for engagement.

So what can you do? Ever thought about adding interactive content to your content arsenal?

Did you know that with interactive content you can increase your effectiveness of:

  • Educating buyers
  • Differentiating your brand
  • Converting visitors


Why is that?

The reason why interactive content is so effective is that it is an inherently participatory activity. Traditional static content, on the other hand, provides a limited opportunity for target audience engagement (read, watch, convert or share), but no points of interaction. With interactive content, the audience can become more immersed in it instead of just consuming the content passively.

Great interactive contents could be:

Benefits of adding interactive content to your content marketing:

  • Richer measurement
  • Better conversion rate
  • Stronger differentiation  


Avaus is collaborating with Ion Interactive to create engaging and visual content marketing experiences. For more examples visit:


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