Digital Intimacy: Staying close to your customers

Digital closeness

Digital Intimacy means being continuously present and attuned to your customers, serving them and paying attention to them at all times, wherever they are online. Your customers may be talking about you right now.

  • They are chatting on the company’s apps and sites.
  • They are communicating through social media channels.
  • They are openly discussing your company’s products, prices and service quality.
  • Some of them are buying and selling shares in your company.
  • They are actively commenting on your company’s brand and reputation.

Your customers may not always realise it, but they are contributing to your product and service development. It is a major challenge to create digital intimacy with customers whatever the time of day and wherever they are. At the core of this marketing transformation is the move from the long distance one-size-fits-all big media relationship, to the intimacy of well-designed personalised digital engagement.

Direct customer media

In the Avaus Marketing Innovations annual survey, The Marketing Reformers, 85% of Finnish marketers announced increased investment in the three main intimacy enablers:

  • Analytics
  • Automation technology
  • Quality digital content

This acceleration in own media investment, as revealed in our survey, is rapidly leading towards what we call Direct Customer Media. While CRM allowed for the large scale management of customer relationships and related information, the basic customer interface with the organisation of the company remained unchanged, as did the distance between company and customer. With new marketing technologies, encounters with customers can take place wherever customers happen to be at any given time. This shift has immersed the customer in the company. It also demands that the company immerse itself in its customers.

Digital intimacy is transforming marketers from mass relationship specialists to construction engineers of the intimate digital enterprise.

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