We have the sharpest minds in business consulting with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. Our people strive to dig deep for true business-insights based on the data and analytics available, while assisting companies navigate in the rapidly changing marketing environments. We help our clients understand their customers better. Needles to say, this always leads to exceptional business results.


Design & Content

With data it’s the end of the guessing game. We build stories and concepts that can be scaped and molded throughout digital and physical environments. They can be stretched to various contact points and optimized along the way. Our creatives are the most innovative thinkers and persistent doers in the business and they’re all in very good terms with that thing called data.


Digital Media

We don’t just throw the messages in the air and hope someone catches them. Today it’s impossible to do effective media planning without top of the line analytics and technology. Our media team is miles ahead of competition with smarter tools and insights to make the impact that success today requires.



Technology is the backbone of all marketing efforts today. Without it you can’t collect data or spread you messages effectively. Our tech team’s high level competence in marketing automation has made us the Nordics’ most experienced partner of the world famous tech suppliers; Adobe, Marketo, Adform and


Data & Analytics

Our every action and decision leans on the results that our analytic masterminds and number-crunchers dig up from the data they collect and chew every day. With data and analytics we can easily turn any company’s marketing more effective via reducing the unneccessary costs. This is done by eliminating everything that just doesn’t do the trick.


Growth Hacking

Yeah, we know. But in lack of a better word for these power rangers, that’s it for now. So if and when the goal is to get results and more for your buck, right now and in the long, through a constant learning curve, the most unique skills are needed. Our growth hacking combines marketing, sales, technology and analytics all-in-one. The aim is to lead the potential customers right to the purchase and to create that fierce upward spiral in company sales.






They learn real fast, so they can digest complex value propositions quickly and start to produce results.

”Our partnership with Avaus goes way beyond the usual consultancy advice: they are a big support piece of our day-to-day activities. They have a bright and tech-savvy team that is not afraid of hands-on implementation, so whether the task of the day requires coding, graphical design or strategic planning, they can do it and do it well. What I appreciate most – they learn real fast, so they can digest complex value propositions quickly and start to produce results.”

Jaime Lopez, Content & Digital marketing specialist,
Wärtsilä Power Plants


I’m personally willing to recommend Avaus.

“We have been working with Avaus for three years. Fortum is very satisfied and I’m personally willing to recommend Avaus and happy to tell more about our co-operation if needed.”

Mia Roos, Marketing Director,


Tuleeko sinulle jo Avaus Marketing Innovationsin kerran kuussa ilmestyvä uutiskirje? Uutiskirjeemme kertoo markkinoinnin trendit ja tuoreimmat ilmiöt sekä B2C-, että B2B-näkökulmasta. Saat asiantuntijoidemme näkemykset ajankohtaisista aiheista suoraan sähköpostiisi joka kuukausi.